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Our Legacy. Our Future.

Formerly known as the Urbandale Education Foundation, the Urbandale Schools and Alumni Foundation (URBSAF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to enhancing the educational experience of all students and educators in the Urbandale Community School District by funding projects and initiatives not supported within existing school budgets. 

We are in a unique position to provide support for Urbandale schools, award scholarships to Urbandale High School graduates and connect Urbandale alumni through the partnership of URBSAF, Urbandale Alumni Association and Urbandale Dollars for Scholars.

  • Taylor Layden * Language Arts Teacher, Urbandale Middle School
    Taylor Layden * Language Arts Teacher, Urbandale Middle School

    Thank you for your support of Urbandale Middle School drama and our production. The faith you showed in me and the program, by way of your financial support was invaluable.

Our Impact Over The Years

Since 1993 through the support and generosity of volunteers and community members, we have enriched and enhanced the lives of students and educators alike throughout the Urbandale Community School District by raising:

  • Student Scholarships


  • Classroom Grants


Thank You To Our Sponsors!

  • GreenState Credit Union
    GreenState Credit Union
  • Jester Insurance Services
    Jester Insurance Services
  • Iowa Trust and Savings Bank
    Iowa Trust and Savings Bank
  • Stahl Construction
    Stahl Construction
  • Kemin
  • Harvest Point Wealth Management
    Harvest Point Wealth Management
  • DLR Group
    DLR Group
  • West Bank
    West Bank
  • Gardner Law Firm
    Gardner Law Firm
  • Central Bank
    Central Bank
  • Urbandale Chamber of Commerce
    Urbandale Chamber of Commerce
  • The Peyton & Ewald Families
    The Peyton & Ewald Families
  • Steve & Rose Ann Schuler
    Steve & Rose Ann Schuler

    Steve & Rose Ann Schuler

  • Bob & Gayle Johnson
    Bob & Gayle Johnson
  • Marty & Terri Trepp
    Marty & Terri Trepp
  • AO Wealth Advisory
    AO Wealth Advisory
  • Coca-Cola
  • Pepsi
  • Efkamp Auto Sales
    Efkamp Auto Sales
  • Your Private Bar
    Your Private Bar
  • The Gulling Family
    The Gulling Family
  • R&R Realty Group
    R&R Realty Group
  • Aaron & Megan Young
    Aaron & Megan Young
  • Meribeth Haynes
    Meribeth Haynes
  • The Lerdal Family
    The Lerdal Family
  • Michael & Morgan Wheeler
    Michael & Morgan Wheeler
  • Tony & Cheryl Wheeler
    Tony & Cheryl Wheeler
  • Carter Printing
    Carter Printing
  • DeCarlo Demolition
    DeCarlo Demolition
  • Urbandale Eye Care
    Urbandale Eye Care
  • CSI
  • Ron and Susan Pogge
    Ron and Susan Pogge
  • Salon U
    Salon U
  • BANK
  • Hotsy
  • Caseys
  • Serve Credit Union
    Serve Credit Union
  • The Raecker Family
    The Raecker Family
  • Willis Automotive
    Willis Automotive
  • Hyper Energy Bar
  • Shea and Sue Mears
  • Plaza Printers