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Introducing Your 2023 Urbandale High School Scholarship Recipients!

Urbandale High School 2023 Scholarships Recipients

Urbandale Dollars for Scholars® and the Urbandale Alumni Association awarded $28,650 in scholarships on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, to Urbandale High School seniors during the Senior Awards Ceremony at the high school. 


Both Urbandale Dollars for Scholars® and the Urbandale Alumni Association are part of the Urbandale Schools and Alumni Foundation.


Congratulations to this year’s group of recipients!


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Ariana Gray

$1,000 Richard L Haynes Memorial Scholarship

Cooper Hardersen

$500 Dollars for Scholars

Sophia Huber

$700 Dollars for Scholars

Jeremy Huynh

$500 Welgaard CPAs and Advisors Scholarship

Ewan Juliano

$500 Urbandale Class of 1976 Scholarship

Zoe Kerchal

$500 DFS; $250 IGHSAU Sportsmanship Scholarship

Evan Leggett

$1,000 Distinguished Alumnus Scholarship

Maria Long

$500 Dollars for Scholars

Ana Mamola

$1,000 Urbandale Class of 1974 Scholarship

Ashlyn Meyer

$500 Dollars for Scholars; $500 Greg & Sheila Robinson Scholarship

Kaitlyn Molis

$500 Dollars for Scholars

Emma Monohan

$500 Dollars for Scholars

Jimmie-Rae Namink

$1,000 Bernard Family and Dollars for Scholars Scholarship

Joshua Neas

$700 Bari L Hoskins Scholarship

Jackson Neas

$1,000 Distinguished Alumnus Scholarship

Lauren Nepper

$500 Dollars for Scholars

Hannah Neyens

$500 R&R Realty Group Scholarship

Cory Pair

$1,000 Urbandale Lions Club and Dollars for Scholars Scholarship

Ella Patterson

$1,000 Distinguished Alumnus Scholarship

Joseph Rempe

$1,000 Distinguished Alumnus Scholarship; $1,000 Dollars for Scholars

Joseph Sibley

$500 Dollars for Scholars

Kyle Tran

$2,500 George & Helen Newsom Scholarship; $500 Dollars for Scholars

Ella Troja

$500 Dollars for Scholars

Shamira Turks

$500 Dollars for Scholars; $2,500 George and Helen Newsom Scholarship

Jenna Vander Hart

$1,000 Kading Distinguished Alumnus Scholarship

Alli Webster

$500 Urbandale Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship

Genevieve Wilson

$1,000 Distinguished Alumnus Scholarship; $500 Dollars for Scholars

Macy Yoder

$1,000 Dollars for Scholars

Megan Young

$500 Dollars for Scholars

Aidan Zimmerman

$500 Urbandale Class of 1973 Scholarship; $500 Mike Carver Scholarship

The Urbandale community and alumni of the Urbandale Community School District have supported Urbandale Dollars for Scholars® with generous donations and support. This has allowed our organization to award scholarships to eligible graduates of Urbandale High School who wish to further their education, whether it is for a trade program, community college, liberal arts college or a university.

Visit the Urbandale Dollars for Scholars® website to learn more information.

About Urbandale Schools and Alumni Foundation

The Urbandale Schools and Alumni Foundation, formerly known as the Urbandale Education Foundation, is in the unique position to provide support for Urbandale schools, award scholarships to Urbandale High School graduates and connect Urbandale alumni through the merger and partnership of three organizations: URBSAF, Urbandale Dollars for Scholars and Urbandale Alumni Association. To learn more about how you can become involved and make a positive difference for Urbandale students, educators, schools and the vitality of the Urbandale community, or to make a tax-deductible contribution, visit:, Facebook and Twitter.